Our History

 In 1988 aged 28, William Grimsdale sold the family 300ac farm in Hampshire and bought Mountfair 700ac in the merse of Berwickshire.

In 1990 William was offered a share farming agreement and this is where our contract farming first started. From then on in the 90’s William added more land by adding further contract farming agreements.

  • In the late 90’s and early 2000 profits in arable farming were very difficult due to the low grain prices. We had to find a way of farming, profitably both for ourselves and our clients, so cutting a massive amount of cost was vital.
  • So in 2002  we went to the philosophy non-inversion  -  so a 450hp tractor along with a 6 metre set of disc and tines were bought, plus an 8 metre tine drill. 
  • In 2003 Mountfair Farming Ltd was established. We presently have 7 agreements all similar in nature based on profit share, and all agreements are financially independent. 
  • In 2005 middle son Aidan started working for the business, with Jorin the eldest starting in 2009 after a period working for New Holland

Our Team

As a family business started by William, and now with Jorin and Aidan involved we have the understanding and ability to offer a bespoke package tailored to suit each individual landowner's requirement.

Jorin is Technical Director and Aidan is Operations Director. Both still have responsibilities operating and managing equipment throughout the season, assisted by full time employees Stephen Eggie and Brett Alexander

We also have a number of self-employed workers who help in the busy periods or with specialist tasks.  During the harvest season we employ an extra 6 people, some who live locally and have worked with us over many years and then some students come via Newcastle University and SRUC Edinburgh 

  • Aidan, Jorin and William Grimsdale

    Aidan, Jorin and William Grimsdale

Our Experience

Mountfair Farming has now over 25 years contract farming experience. 

With the additions of sons Jorin and Aidan in the business we have the understanding and ability to offer a bespoke package tailored to suit each individual farmer / landowner requirements. 

The experience gained over a number of years has been vital in developing and sustaining margins for our clients especially in the demanding and volatile world of arable farming.