Our Role

At Mountfair Farming our contract farming agreements are tailored for individual needs.


  • A focus on providing a profitable and sustainable farming solution for the future
  • Manage the financial aspects; reducing cost and increase margins for the landowner
  • Landowner involvement throughout the year with regular management meetings
  • Advice on different approaches and aspects of farm & estate management 
  • Delivering environmental aspects of the farming agreements whilst minimising the impact on farming operations and maximising returns

The Benefits

  • For landowners our solution allows them to stay in farming taking advantage of tax benefits, and other business benefits such as residential and sporting 
  • Enables the farmer to maintain control of the farm whilst reducing time and financial commitment
  • Maintaining profitability; allowing resources to be released which otherwise would be tied up in labour and machinery
  • Involvement in a progressive family farming business that strives to maximise returns for all 
  • Practical solution – benefiting from our teams breadth and depth of expertise
  • Continue and improve your farms soil structure and health for long term productivity - Biological farming ethos 
  • Benefit from our economies of scale 
  • Greater stability of returns  
  • We can provide a profitable and sustainable farming solution.

    We can provide a profitable and sustainable farming solution.

Mountfair Farming at work

  • Challenger RoGator Sprayer  applying spring fungicides

    Challenger RoGator Sprayer