Farming Technology

As a progressive thinking business we utilise the best technology available; whether it is equipment enhancements, high levels of GPS accuracy, new innovations or a new farming method

Over the years Precision Farming within our business has grown and developed; now including auto section control, variable rate application of lime, fertiliser, seed and sprays.  We can therefore target inputs as required.

  • Machinery technology has also progressed in this time bringing greater power and fuel efficiencies. Computer systems and intelligence have become common on many machines, with touch screen controls and automated set ups.
  • Telematics and performance monitors have improved data transfer from machine to office so we can calculate and improve efficiencies even more.
  • These monitors and real time sensors have also allowed for diagnostics to happen faster and for servicing to be planned with support dealers and our staff.
  • One of our two Simba SL 7m cultivators establishing Oil Seed Rape

    One of our two Simba SL 7m cultivators establishing Oil Seed Rape

Precision Farming - Auto Steering Systems

We have been using auto-steering system for nearly 15 years, and now with the use of an RTK correction signal accuracies are improved with year on year repeatability

The auto-steering systems have increased our productivity in the fields by making sure that the full width of machines (+/- 2cm reliably) are consistently achieved whether day or night. This reduces fuel consumption, and excessive wear on machines and operators. The operators are able to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently whilst making sure that it is done with the attention to detail expected.

  • The New Holland combines use a laser edge guidance system and DGPS steering, which allow for working widths to be equally planned across the fields; increasing productivity even further. 
  • Our Challenger RoGator self propelled sprayer has auto steering, and auto section shut off for precise spray application. This is provided through Top Con with an RTK correction signal via TopNet GPRS (mobile phone sim card)  - This gives RTK correction accuracy of +/-2cm (without the constraints of a fixed network)
  • The John Deere 7930's are set up to use th Yara N-Sensor for variably applying nitrogen. The Greenstar system with Starfire 2 correction provides auto steering and reliable DGPS positioning.
  • New Holland CR9090 with Laser Edge and DGPS Steering

    New Holland CR9090 with Laser Edge and DGPS Steering